What is Home Health Care?

Home Health Care is having a skilled nursing professional, provide supportive care within the home. This can be offered either on medical or non-medical basis and offers a viable alternative to confinement in a hospital.

Are Al Rahmah for Home Nursing nurses registered?

Sure, all Al Rahmah for Home nurses are licensed by Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

Do I have to be involved in the care of my relative?

You will most probably not have to be involved in the physical or medical care process at all. However, family support will be very important to help the patient improve his condition.

Is your company licensed and certified?

Yes, we are licensed by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA-FL-0059081).

Is there any additional cost for transportation?

Our quotations include transportation of our Nurses to and from the patient’s home. Additional costs may occur for specialized treatment outside the country.

What are the procedures to get a nurse from Al Rahmah for Home Nursing?

First we will have an assessment upon the patient and check the medical reports, then we will assign the suitable nurse according to the case.

What are the qualities of a Baby Nurse?

It takes a special kind of nurse to fulfill this role at Al Rahmah for Home Nursing as they must have extensive skills and experience in caring for babies from just a few days old to around six months of age. As well as having an understanding of the unique issues associated with newborns, they must also be able to provide guidance to new mums and dads on feeding, sleeping, and breastfeeding.